I think I mentioned to you before that prior to coming to your studio; I visited others and I loved yours simply because I saw the passion you had for the kids. Every studio I am sure has room for improvement, but you cannot teach passion to anyone and you have passion for our kids. I see how hard you work and how dedicated you are even in working in the mom dance. You don’t have to do it that for us—but it’s something special you do every year.

I think you are not only an amazing instructor, but you are an amazing person that actually cares about people and maybe cares too much, but that is what I love about you.

We live in Ohio now. My daughter talks about you often. This morning she asked if we ever visit Lombard again can she come see you and show you her twirls! I need to get her back in dance. Just wanted you to know that you do a great job teaching dance and following your dream. I admire that and you’ve been such a positive influence on Em in such a short time. Thank you!XO

Our daughters have a great time at Aspirations. A major reason is the excellent instructors. The confidence that the school helps to build in the students is priceless! We are very grateful to Kelly and the her crew at Aspirations for their great work. We definitely see the results that they bring out in our daughters; in both athleticism and the belief in their abilities. I especially want to thank coach Jesse. I watch and listen to him coach. He is an instructor that works hard with the highest level of commitment to his students.! He is so focused and passionate in bringing out the best in each and every student at every level.

We chose ADC for our dance education because Mrs. Kelly manages to balance a laid-back, family friendly atmosphere with a high level of technique and excellent choreography. And she does it without an ounce of pretension. She fosters friendships and familiarity among students and parents. My daughter has grown incredibly as a dancer over the past 18 months and I truly believe it is because of the education she is receiving from all the instructors at ADC and the personal connection Mrs. Kelly has with her.

Not only does Lorelai talk about dance all week long, but Miss Kelly has unattached her from my hip! 🙂 She is not afraid to go to class alone, and she won’t even let my husband watch her alone! 🙂 Miss Kelly is awesome!

It was by chance that we found Aspirations but our choice to continue our daughters dance journey there. Our daughter has grown both emotionally and physically from her experiences at Aspirations. It is the expertise of the instructors, the patience given to the dancers and the positive encouragement used to motivate each student that we believe makes Aspirations a success!

We send our daughter to ADC because we love seeing a smile on her face each and every day🙂

My daughter Alexandria or ally as she likes to be called is currently taking classes at adc. She started January of last year and when she first walked into Ms. Kelly’s hip hop class she instantly felt welcomed and comfortable. She had so much fun that night I had to sign her up for continuing classes. Within 7 months my daughter has grown as a dancer and has made some lasting friendships with her dance team. Everyone that works at adc are extremely helpful and make you feel like you are part of their family. The parents that bring their children there are extremely welcoming and seem to take every child that comes in under their wings. My daughter and I will continue to use adc as our dance studio and will continue to recommend adc to all of our friends and family members.

We love ADC not only for an amazing dance education, but also for the dance FAMILY we have. Kelly and her family are our family and we have met great people. Competitions, shows, fundraisers and family outings have all been great experiences. ADC is my daughter’s second home and a great place to be.

Your studio has changed my son so much since he has started. Everyone that has known him say it all the time. He is more outgoing and confident, his personality shines. Aspirations is like our second home/family. You make it all about the kids and make sure each of them is happy. When they look at you they sparkle, they really do LOVE you. They know once they walk into your studio they are going to learn and have tons of fun. Thank you for all you do.

ADC is truly an amazing studio and we are so happy to have become one of the FIERCE As a new mom, and my daughter being a new student, everything from awesome teachers, incredible choreography, the professionalism of Miss Kelly and staff and especially the fun friendly students, we couldn’t be more thrilled! Your genuine desire to teach these kids really shows and ADC is the best place for my daughter to do the thing she loves to do the most…. Dance!

I must give you credit for working so well with the tiny boys and teaching them how to be disciplined and great dancers! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We are so looking forward to next Sunday when they perform at competition.

There has been a lot of trials faced this season. Losing people, numbers messed up and kids hurt. But throughout everything these kids came out stronger and closer. I cannot wait to see what the rest of this season will bring. I am soo extremely proud of all these kids,instructors, and of course us parents. You have out done yourself this year Kel. It shows how strong we are and that we are a force to be reckoned with!

I agree!!! These kids are AMAZING! Kelly, you’ve done a FANTASTIC job and I’m so glad we chose ADC. She’s come a such long way in such a short time and it’s all thanks to you and your staff! You really should be so proud of yourself. Team FIERCE won’t be outdone!

I just wanted to say Congrats to Miss Kelly and all of Team Fierce.. Last night was amazing a huge success. Great job Kel!!!!!! Every year you out do yourself with our kids 🙂 The kids have worked so hard and it showed last night. We are gonna rock this year. I can’t wait till we start winning next weekend 🙂 Good Luck team Fierce!!!!!!

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